Ringmasters Flying Club


The Ring Masters Flying Club was formed in the 1950's and in its hay days  had as many as 100 active members.  It was derived from the New Orleans Aero Club and was later formed as the Ravin Cajuns.  The Ring Masters Flying Club sponsored many class AA contests in the 1960's.  George Cleveland is a member that won combat events in 1979.  Andrew Stokey still frequents the National AMA contests in Muncie Indiana and has acted as a recorder for the stunt contest.  Member Allen Perrett has placed first place in many recent stunt contests and frequently judges for the annual Baton Rouge Louisiana stunt contest.


Our field is located in the rear of the New Orleans City Park and is sandwiched between the Couterier   Walking Trail and the new Golf course.  Our field has been maintained by our club for all these last years at no cost to the Park Commission.  We have burned out about four lawnmowers in the process of keeping the grass manicured.  The field is shared with a dog training company, and we could not have asked for  better neighbors. They love the fact that we are completely enclosed and private.  They have also helped by maintaining the fence line and installing a new gate when it was needed


The club usually meets at the field on Friday mornings to cut the grass and perform any maintenance needed.  The regular flying sessions are held on Sunday afternoons.  That is when we gather together  to talk (and swap lies) about our favorite models.  Recently some members are meeting during the week to fly when the Sunday is not available because of bad weather.  Member Mike Griffin has organized a ROMEO meeting on the second Wednesday of the month for the club.  ROMEO stands for Retired Old Men Eating Out.  So far the lunch date is going strong.


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Aerial view of City Park showing the two cement circles in the bottom right