Ring Masters Flying Club


not just a saying because Allen

Perret has proven that they are words to live by.   This past

season Allen participated in three

contests and placed high in all three.   But that's not the whole

story.   Allen has furnished us with

a list of contests that he has gone to since 2000 and listed the positions he has won.   The contests range from Atlanta Ga., Baton Rouge La., Clanton Al., Dallas Tx., Eldorado Tx., Houston Tx., and Memphis Tenn.   All in all, he has 31 trophies and plaques.   The listings include 10 First Places, 8 Second Places 11 Third Places and 2 Pilots Choice Awards.  

All of these awards were accomplished by the use of 9 different planes so the one common denominator has to be the pilot:  Allen


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