Ringmasters Flying Club

 April 26, 2017 meeting report

The April meeting was held in a new place thanks to Mike Geroir.    He made arraignments with the Harahan  VFW Hall on Hickory St. for us.  He also said that as long as there was no rental , we can use the hall for  future meetings.

We also had some things different this meeting.   To start off we had a silent auction of seven control line planes.   The owner set the price of $100 minimum and I had anyone interested to mark  the number of the plane on one side of the paper  and list their name and the price of their bid.  There was only one plane that had two bids, but we managed to sell all but one of the planes.

The second part of the meeting was taken over by Allen Perret who brought his wing jig and showed us the proper way to use the glue so that there would be no mess. 

In other business I appointed Felix Famularo  to investigate the purchase of “golf” type shirts that we can have Ring Master logo attached.   When He gets the information I will pass it on to you.

The next meeting will be held on July 26th.

Photos: Larry Stiger

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