Ringmasters Flying Club


I decided to construct a Baby Ringmaster from plans by PDK.  Aside from the motor (which I had) and the leading edge, everything else was mostly scrap pieces on hand from other projects.

The most time consuming chore was cutting out the ribs since there are only two of each size due to the tapered trailing edge.  After a dry fit of the wing I glued it up right on the plan.  Once the wing was dry and the center section planked I did a dry fit of the rest of the parts.  The fuselage is ¼” balsa with some thin plywood doublers and braces in the motor mount area.  The fuselage was painted in Metallic Blue Acrylic and covered with fuel proof clear. The elevator hinges are Tyvek and the rear stab is covered in the same yellow Monocote as is the wing.  Once everything was glued together finishing was a simple affair of connecting the pushrod and installing the motor and landing gear.

The little plane flies well with a

Cox .049 Stunt motor and 40 ft. of .008 lines


Mike Geroir


Baby Ringmaster