Ring Masters Flying Club

Berkley P-51

My first effort at scale construction was a Berkley P-51.   I constructed the model in 1959 (see date on picture) and is made from a solid block fuselage that has been rough cut to resemble the P-51 fuselage.   It has sheet formed

rudder and elevator, ailerons and operating flaps.   Since this was my first attempt at a scale model I did not attempt the operating flaps.

I remember that the model was powered by my first Fox .35.   Unfortunately this model met its fate like most of my models.   On take off the wires caught the weeds that shoot up about 12 inches above the grass.   (This does not happen now because we are careful to manicure the center of the each circle.)   The model took off and started to come into the center of the circle on a low strafing run when the left wing caught the ground.   The model cart wheeled about three times and came apart.   I still have the top of the fuselage and canopy.

I also have another kit of this P-51 and I plan on making the new kit.   This time I hope to rig the model with operating flaps and will add a throttled engine.   Or I may just use the old Fox .35 that I used in the old kit.