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Boeing B-17

I don't know anybody who does not like the Boeing B-17 Bomber.   I have been in love with this airplane ever since I was a little boy.   Finally, I decided to purchase a Guillows Kit and see what I had to do to convert it to a control line model.   First Off the kit is designed as a

static display model so there is nothing to hinder or help converting this model to anything.   Also if you try to double the plans and build the enlarged unit you won't be able to get the thing into the family car, and maybe the family truck.

My model is constructed of basswood stringers , balsa formers and sheeting of 1/16 balsa.   I was able to use a lot of the formed plastic parts when I constructed the engine nacelles.   I started beefing up the wings to be able to run 4-1/2A engine.   The engines that I chose were 2-.074 and 2 .099 OK Cub's.   I used 1/8 plywood for the firewlalls and braces to make them sturdy.   I ordered 4 matching square tanks and modified them to have both tubes to come out the top of the tanks.  I added an extension to the fill tube so there would not be any fuel going into the engine compartments during fill up.   I know that this is not scale, but I can remove them when the engines are running.  

The only boo boo that I made when I constructed the model is I placed both side gun windows are on the same plane.   The real aircraft has the windows staggered so the gunners do not interfere with each other.

I made a decal of the Confederate Sir Force's B-17 " TEXAS RAIDER".   I did this because my wife treated me to a ride on the RAIDER on my 60th birthday.   This has been one of my "moments to remember" and I have a video of my flight that I look at often.

As usual using Aero Gloss dope was a mistake because the model is showing splits in the balsa covering.   I don't know how to repair this problem easily so I would appreciate some input from my fellow fliers.   I have tried sheeting a model with silk span and it started showing cracks also.   Contact me at tonyatz@cox.net   with any answers you might have.

Since I have had physical problems with a bad back this past year I have not been able to fly any of my airplanes.   But I have had surgery last December and am now under physical therapy now I hope to be back into the circle soon.   In the mean time I have ask member Allen Perret to take up the handle for me while I concentrate on taking some videos that I plan on adding to the website soon