Ringmasters Flying Club

Last October we had our first ever club meeting that was not held at the field.   The experiment proved a success with most of the members showing up and everyone participated in the discussion about the future of the club.   The highlight of the meeting was the raffle of a control line airplane that was donated by Mike Griffin.  New member Mike Girior won the plane.   The members voted to have more meetings on a quarterly basis.   The next meeting is scheduled for January 19, 2016.   We have a full gallon of fuel to raffle off for the meeting.




The second meeting was held this past January.   Mike Griffin and Allen Perret introduced a project that they have been working on.   Otto the Giro made a big hit among the members and promises to be a fun model to fly.   The project is still in the pre-production stage so we will have more as the project develops.


The second raffle was a gallon of fuel that was won by Myron Firmin