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             F 4U CORSAIR

I began building the Corsair in August, 2010 and decided to work on the actual Sterling kit to see how to form the bent wings.   I also wanted to see how I could install the landing gear and control hook ups.  This is the first scale airplane that a throttle controled engine was  used. I need to see how the controls   

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and lead out wires should be matched up with the bend in the wings.   After all this is a WW2 model of importance.

The tail section was constructed on a cork board with emphasis on beefing up the stabilizer to handle the hinges and control horn.


After building the wing and mounting the fuselage to the wing I encountered a problem of restrictionbetween the throttle rod

to the engine and the bellcrank jamming and not working properly.   I had to open the fuselage and remove the bellcrank assembly to find the problem.   By doing some bending both the rod and the bellcrank all seemed to work properly.   So, I reinstalled the bellcrank, closed the fuselage


The Star & Bars were made on my computer using the special computer paper and Krylon Clear spray paint.   The lettering was cut from white contact paper that has glue on one side.   The power plant is an O S Max .45 with throttle.

The plane has been flown about six times and has a tendency to come into the circle at idle settings.  I plan on adding either a tab on the left wing or more weight to the right wing.

Even with is quirks it is a pleasure to fly and if I throttle down when the plane is about three or four feet from the ground I can execute a three point landing.  It can also taxi about the whole circle if I add a little power.   When I try a normal landing it tends to stand on its prop.   Don Gosney said that the landing gear is too far back from the leading edge of the wing.  I have bent the gear more forward and hope that the problem will be solved 

and proceeded with sanding and closing the gaps.

I used about 6 tubes of Champion White Putty Filler.   I find that this product sands like balsa and closes the gaps very well.   After sanding the model thoroughly I applied 3 coats of clear Brodak dope, then 3 coats of Grey underneath and 3 coats of Insignia Blue for the top.