Ring Masters Flying Club
 Ed's Workbench

Here is two projects that Ed Shearer submits for your consideration.
   The first is how he forms a cowl out of balsa wood using 1/16 balsa.

1: Find a hard form that has the proper      

2: Cut the balsa to the size you need.
3: Soak the balsa preferably overnight
     (Sometimes it helps to put a coat
    of paint to the inside of the balsa).

4: Place the wet balsa around the            form and hold it with strong    
     rubber bands.  Slit the top
     edges and trim so the balsa forms
     the front edges meet the 
     complete form.

 5: When the balsa dries cut the       
      balsa to shape needed and glue 
      the edges together after
      removing from the form.

6: You are ready to seal and paint
     the cowling.


ny model looks better when you add
a pilot into the cockpit.   Here is a sequence showing what you can do to make any doll the proper size look like
a pilot.