Ring Masters Flying Club

A Day at the Field:

Friday, August 15th, '14 did not start like a good day should.   I arrived early at the field with a full truck.  The John Deere tractor and trailer on the back and the bed of my truck full with a borrowed power washer and a lot of garden hose.   I had stopped on the way at a donut shop and bought 4 jelly donuts and a cup of coffee because  I knew that I was early.  I immediately dropped a large glob of jelly on my pants.   I got most of it cleaned off but the jelly is sticky and really does not clean properly. 

      Myron Firmin arrived about 8:30 and we unloaded the tractor and unhooked the trailer from my truck.  Myron walked the hose around the fence and connected the hose to a faucet that the park uses to create a pond that attracts birds and a wall that the watchers can sit behind and observe them.  This is about 20 feet from the fence.  After the hose was set up Myron started the tIractor and cut the grass, or I should say that he tried to start the tractor,  the battery was dead.  I took us about 30 minutes to jump start the tractor.  When we finally got the John Deere started Myron started cutting the grass.   The plan was to get the 60' circle cut before we had to start the pressure washing and get the area soaked with water.

    Ed Shearer and Bob McKinney arrived at about the same time along with Fred Radtke.  Fred is with Operation Clean Sweep NOLA.  This organization concentrates on cleaning graffiti from New Orleans and was called by the Park to help Fred used a roller and some spread a chemical on the graffiti around the circle.  He said that it would take about 45 minutes to set.   All in all it took him about 45 minutes for him to cover all of the graffiti  So we cranked up the pressure washer and sprayed the area that was done first.

    To my amazement the pressure washer hit the chemical and revealed clean cement.   It completely remove all traces of graffiti!   The crew took turns using the washer and we used about 2 gallons of gas to remove all of the treated cement.

      I have left out the other things happening while we cut the grass and cleaned the cement to try to make this short.

     Impact Fence and Deck Company replaced the double gate with a wider gate

It was tested when the park's bush hog arrived to cut the mulch area and he cut both sides of the road, thanks to John Hopper.

     We plan on showing up on Sunday, August 17 to try and finish the job.  The cement looks so good clean that we are going to clean all of it.

     Both Fred Radtke and the bush hog driver, Louis Bischoff, promised to come again if and when we need them.   I wrote a letter to Operation Cleans Sweep thanking them for the prompt help they provided and will try to install some pictures on this section.

     By the way we now have a new combination lock on the inner fence and I will e-mail you the combination soon.

   I hope you enjoy the pictures.