Field Maintenance Update

Tree trimming


Friday November 7th, 2014 started as a beautiful day.   Myron Firmin, Allen Perret, Bob Mc Kinney, Blain Buchtel and I showed up about 8:30AM and unloaded a large ladder from my pick up truck.   They quickly set up the ladder and tied it to a large branch of an oak tree that was impeding on the area that we fly around the 60 ft. circle.   Allen climbed up ladder and cranked up his battery powered saws-all.   He quickly dispatched the small branches around the larger branch and we swapped the saws-all with his chain saw and he really got to work.   The only problem encountered was when he cut the larger branch all the way through and ,you guessed it, it landed in the middle of the picnic table that the scouts constructed for us.   Now don’t get me wrong, it was not their fault totally.    What we did not see was there was a large knob that was on top of the branch and it and it twisted to the bottom and caused the damage to the table.   All in all that was little we could have done because that branch had to be cut where it was.   Otherwise we would have been back a lot sooner that we will have to now.  


They proceeded to the grass field and had a lot more luck with that tree.   They dispatched all of the branches and most of the side branches very quickly.   It took three loads of branches to remove all of the trash, and I won’t bore you with the damages to my bumper when I rolled over a log that I did not see.   I was able to repair the bumper easily.


This is the start of the repairs planned to the field and now that the weather is improving, we plan on doing a lot more.   All we need is your help and a little time.   This week we have 9 yards of river sand delivered and we will start filling in the holes in the center of the circles.  With your help we will be able to complete all of the improvements planned. We also plan on grading the areas to facilitate proper drainage for the field.


I will keep you updated on our progress.




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