Ring Masters Flying Club

The Fokker Tri-Plane.

I first started the Fokker Tri-Plane by enlarging the plans of the model and cutting patterns of the formers and wings after gluing these to a manila folder.  By doing this I am able to cut new forms in case I were to crash.  It is easy to build the fuselage and wings from the new plans because they work just like the other plans.  The only change to the model is the addition of the motor mounts and fuel tank.  Also the controls to the elevator.  Don't forget the hinges for the elevator.

The wings are special because there are so many of them but they glues together easily and I had no warps.  One interesting thing happened to this aircraft.  I used silkspan to cover the model because I thought it would be closer to monokote in matching the original silk covering.

When I covered the wings, I placed the parts on my patio table to let the sun dry the silkspan and was amazed to see the top wing rise off the table from the wind.  Evidently it was eager to fly.  The paint job was easy because of the Red Baron being famous.  I chose Aero Gloll Fokker Red color.

The Plane is powered by a FOX .35 and by using the fiberglass enigine mounts, I can easily change engines.

Construction time was from March of 2008 to May of 2008.