Ringmasters Flying Club

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I am sure you have heard by now that I finally got my sport jet up in the air yesterday (Sept.21, 2016)

Six of us gathered at the field to take advantage of the great weather.   Near dust we got set up to go.  Myron Firmin and  Steve Muller crewed for me and Monster timed the flight while Mike Griffin took  a video with his tablet.   This is probably the first time in over 40 years that any type of speed plane has flown in City Park.

Here are the stats:

Air Temp – 89 degrees                                                                Metering Jet- #10 (0520”orifice)     

Humidity – 85%                                                         Fuel – 20%/80%Nitro/Methanol                       

Wind – slight                                                                  7 - Lap Time – 12.41 seconds (1/2 mile)

Line length -60 ft. from center of handle to CL of plane                 Speed – 144.986

Engine – 60,s era Dynajet with Dick Hart Flowjector                        Avg. Lap – 1.773 seconds

This was a short, intense but fun flight.   I hope to do it again soon.


Mike Giroir