Ringmasters Flying Club

I finally made the big time...

    And it only took 60 years.

60 years ago my brother and I got into twin engine stunters.   I built a twin Ringmaster and he fashioned a twin engine Flight Streak.

My twin has been long gone but My brother retired" his streak to the wall if his garage and there it has hung for the last 60 years.

Last year I talked him into repairing the now called Flight Freak and set it to fly.

I talked Allan Perret into flying the Streak for us and as usual it did not go well.  On the second flight it dove into the ground and barely missed the cement circle.   Allan claimed that the controls locked up on him causing the crash.

To continue the story I decided to rebuild the Freak for my brother and I finished it in the standard Flight Streak colors.   It looked good so I took a picture of the Freak next to a standard Streak and sent it off to the American Modeler Magazine and they accepted it.   The photo wa published in the August 2017 copy under the Focus Forum section.