Ringmasters Flying Club

Margaret June Sport Goodyear Racer

I came across some plans by Bill Bishoff for a neat Sport Goodyear racer.  The class is specific on motors and the plane must be a replica in scale of a real Goodyear Race plane.  Bill’s plans were for the Margaret June.  I chose a Magnum XLS .15A for power and set to work cutting out the parts.

The plane is a composite of balsa, bass, spruce and other materials so the airframe will hold up under the rigors of racing.  The parts are covered win ½ oz. fiberglass and after construction and squaring up the wings I put on some 2 oz. fiberglass strengthener where the wing meets the fuselage.  The motor is mounted on a plate of aluminum and a mandatory fuel shut-off is installed that is actuated from the pushrod when the plane is given more than 15 degrees of down elevator.  The tank is made from .005” brass and is of a specific size since the rules say no more than one ounce of fuel can be carried.  Fill and vent lines are mounted on top of the fuselage so quick re-fueling can be done during a pit stop.

Rear elevators are joined with a cross piece of music wire and I used a Du-Bro control horn.  Elevators are joined to the rear stabilizer with loops of Dacron line.  Everything is painted in a racy motif and I wanted a checkered flag waving in the wind appearance on top of the wing.  Painting was a real chore and I had some trouble getting the lime green to adhere well but I succeeded in getting it good enough to clear cote over.

Everything is finished off with some wheels and an APC 6.5 x 5.5 pitch composite prop