Assembling The Electric Take Apart Ringmaster


Mike Griffin 


This shot of the fuselage shows the saddle that will hold the removable stab and rudder in place.  Also notice the slot for the motor backplate. The backplate consists of two pieces of 1/8" plywood laminated together.

The motor will mount to it.  Kit come with the aluminum landing gear shown.  The tail wheel does not.


This picture shows the slot in the saddle where the horizontal stab, elevator and rudder will be seated.


Here I am sliding the stab into the "J" slot on the saddle to seat it on the fuselage.


The stab and elevator are now seated and ready for the rudder to be inserted.


Notice the two pre drilled holes for the 4-40 bolts that hold the entire tail section to the fuselage.


The tail section is now seated and ready to be bolted on by the two 4-40 bolts and blind nuts.


Inserting the wing is a simple matter of lining the plywood center rib of the wing that sticks up into the slot in the fuselage.  Line up the pre drilled holes in the rib with the holes in the fuselage and insert your three 4-40 bolts and tighten into the blind nuts.  They should line up automatically when the center plywood rib is firmly seated in the slot.


 Mike's Workbench

These kits are manufactured by RSM Distribution