Ringmasters Flying Club

b               My treasured guest at the  field

This past June 6th I had the pleasure of hosting my daughter Kathie and her family for and all too short visit.   The highlight of the trip was when Kathie’s daughter Hailey expressed interest in going to the field and try flying one of her “paw-paws” planes.   You may see the resemblance with the picture of the six year old helping sand my P-38.   Yep that’s the same girl.   Now Hailey is 14 and really surprised her grandfather when she expressed interest in flying control line.

Enough of my bragging.   Since we already scheduled field maintenance on Fridays , it was not difficult to gather enough people to help Hailey with learning to fly.   Myron Firmin, Monster Benoit and Felix Famularo  all volunteered to help her.   Mike Geroir arrived too late to help but he did offer moral support (mainly to her grandpa).

The first effort involved Myron and my Ringmaster.   After a short prefight they started the plane and Myron performed the take off.   I don’t know what happened after that but  I no longer have a flyable Ringmaster and Myron kept shouting “It’s not Hailey’s fault”

This brought up the next instructor Felix.   He and Monster started up his P-51 and they proceeded with three flights that I was lucky to get (somewhat) video.   Some of the video is blurry mainly because my hands were not steady.

I will let the video’s tell the rest of the story except to say that Felix said that the next time she flies she is ready to solo.   I might also mention that Hailey herself said that she had fun.

Tony Atzenhoffer 

Alias “Paw Paw”