Ringmasters Flying Club


R M F C at C A P

On 16-Aug-2016 several members of the Ring Masters Control line Flying Club attended the regular Tuesday meeting of the Pontchartrain Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol (Auxiliary of the U. S. Air Force).The members were invited to bring some of their control line airplanes so our members could get a taste of control line flying.  Several members were in attendance including Mike Kotterman, Felix Famularo, Mike Griffin, James McKinney, Bob McKinney, Allen Perret , Myron Firmin, and Capt. Mike Giroir CAP.

Since this was our regular monthly Aerospace Education meeting, we opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, a short safety briefing and a short introduction of the members by Capt. Giroir CAP.  Then we showed and old, 20 minute movie title “Wired for Excitement.”  This video, while dated in the 70’s or 80’s is still relevant and an excellent introduction to control line flying.  Upon completion of the movie the guests were served light refreshments and everyone was able to see close at hand all of the planes.  On hand were several examples of every discipline: stunt, scale, carrier deck, racing, combat and speed and the guests and members were able to have explanations of each classification.

The feedback from our membership, especially our cadets was very positive.  Thank you to all the members of the Ring Masters for attending.

Mike Geroir

PS. I have since learned that a few of our members have joined the Senior Squadron of the C A P.