Ringmasters Flying Club

This 1947 F-11C plan by Paul Plecan, which I bought in the 1960’s , would have been an impossible project for me before CA glue and Drumel saws.   Cutting the 69 ribs by hand would have made me crazy.   The other concession to the 21st century is not carving the fuselage from a block.   I can understand why parents approved of model building – silence!   If someone were to actually complete this one inch to the foot model in the late 1940’s, the plan calls for a .29 to .49 engine.   Remember, these were low power

ignition engines.   I plan to use a 3 line bellcrank and a .20 to .25 engine.   One old school thing that I did need and use was a double edge razor blades and pins.


Ed Shearer