Electric Control Line Flying


Mike Griffin's Electric P40 Warhawk

This model was built from a Kit that is now being offered by RSM Distribution in California.  It was a very easy kit to build and a lot of thought was put into it's design by Eric Rule who is the designer.

I was asked to do the test build before the kit was released to the public and aside from a few very minor tweaks we had to make in the design, everything went together perfectly.  The plane is exceptionally light for a .46 size electric ship and the one pictured above ended up at 53 ounces fully dressed.  Not bad considering it sports a 4 cell battery.  A nice touch on this plane was the open air battery box which is easily detachable for recharging.

Some of the details that you might  be interested in are as follows.

The price of the kit is $119.00.  If you want the kit and all the electrics with everything programmed and ready to go, it is $333.98.  The electrical systems come to you pre programmed and put together and all you have to do is mount it on the nose of the plane and go fly.

The complete kit is laser cut.  The fuselage core is 1/4" balsa with 1/8" balsa sides to give you a full 1/2" thick fuselage.  The horizontal stabilizer, elevators and vertical fin and rudder are all solid balsa sheeting.  The wing is a built up wing.  I covered the wing with medium silkspan and the whole plane was doped with butyrate dope, primed and then painted with Rustoleum Apple Red painters touch spray paint.

The clear coat is KBS Diamond Clear Coat brushed on with a sponge brush.

I look forward to getting out to our field with you all and its first test flight.