Ring Masters Flying Club

Frank Landry


Most of the scale models that I write about are the ones that I have constructed and hopefully will fly; but when I run into a scale model from someone else I have found that there is room for this model in my hanger.   Such is the case of these three models built by Frank Landry.   Now Frank passed away in 2006 was a long time member of the Ring Masters Flying Club and a dear friend of Ed Shearer. They some times reminded me of Oscar & Felix of the ODD COUPLE.


The Republic P-47 came from a Top Flight kit, is ¾” scale and has molded halves for the fuselage.   The detail of this model is fantastic and is well worth its place in the Scale Hanger.


Ed sent me the pictures along with two more of Frank’s scale models.   One of them is a Mig and the other is a Yak.   Ed has the two models and the P-47 belongs to Frank’s son Robbie.   He is a lot older now than the picture.